Alamanda College, POINT COOK

Commercial Project

Exciting New Chapter at Alamanda College

A new chapter is unfolding at Alamanda College in Point Cook as AUMW Master Plaster, in collaboration with Melbcon Pty Ltd, begins the ambitious upgrade and modernization of the school’s facilities. This initiative is set to transform the educational landscape for students and staff by offering state-of-the-art spaces tailored to the needs of a modern curriculum.

The project accommodates a growing student population and reduce the reliance on relocatable buildings. The new construction will introduce specialized areas dedicated to art, digital media, textiles, food technology, wood and metalwork, and science. These facilities are designed to inspire creativity and innovation, providing students with the resources they need to explore and excel in various disciplines.

Project Details & Scope​

We have carefully selected top-tier materials to ensure that the new facilities are not only visually appealing but also acoustically and thermally optimized for an ideal learning environment, such as:

  • Steel Stud & Track Metal Framing System: This robust framework is the backbone of the new structures, providing durable and flexible support for the varied learning spaces.
  • Thermal & Acoustic Insulation: Utilizing brands like Armstrong, Knauf, Rondo, USG Boral, and CSR Gyprock, the project prioritizes comfort and efficiency, ensuring that each room maintains optimal conditions for both teachers and students.
  • Advanced Cladding Materials: With Vitrapanel, Equitone, Exotec, and Cemintel, the exterior of the building will not only be strong and weather-resistant but also aesthetically pleasing, complementing the innovative spirit of the college.

Partnership with Melbcon Pty Ltd

The new building will also feature a canteen, student toilets, and staff work areas, alongside the creation of outdoor terrace areas and extensive landscaping works. These additions are designed to enhance the overall school experience, making Alamanda K-9 College a more enjoyable and conducive place for education.

It’s a commitment between AUMW Master Plaster and Melbcon Pty Ltd to providing a dynamic, engaging, and inclusive educational environment. It stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and expert execution in shaping the educational experiences of tomorrow.