Bulkhead Plastering

A plaster bulkhead is the lower portion of the ceiling and is generally installed for functional reasons such as concealing services, improving air flow throughout the room and mask changes in ceiling height.

They can also be an attractive design feature in your home, as well as defining key rooms in your home (such as the kitchen) in an open-plan setting.

If you are looking for DIY videos on “how to build a bulkhead in the kitchen” or “how to build a gyprock bulkhead”, look no further and let us do the job for you. Our experienced team will manage the bulkhead construction on ceilings, including detailing and trowel craft plastering or even preformed plasterboard bulkheads. 

Looking for residential or commercial bulkhead plastering services? Look no further as we are an experienced plastering company with qualified team members. Call us or enquire online now.