Fire Rated Board

Fire-rated walls & ceilings

With the prevalence of bush fire and increasing number of developments in Australia, builders and developers are required to comply to strict fire safety requirements under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for the construction of buildings. This is to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants and avoid the spread of fire to surrounding properties.

Therefore, understanding the importance of integrating fire rated walls at the early design stage of your building will help cut the time and cost associated with non-compliance of BCA’s requirements.

Although commonly referred to as fire rating, the accurate term to describe the fire resistance of a building is Fire Resistance Level (FRL). It is the ability of a building to withstand fire under test conditions for a certain length of time.

For example: A 60/60/60 fire rated wall has passed a fire test lasting 60 minutes in all three criteria: Structural/Adequacy/Integrity.

Our team at AUMW are well versed with sourcing and installing the very best yet cost efficient fire rated boards that will comply with BCA requirements. Typically, popular brands such as Gyprock, Speedpanel or GTEK have a wide range of solutions that may be suited to your needs. These can be used for wall, ceilings, and steel protection systems, giving the building up to 4 hours of fire protection!

AUMW Master Plaster is able to procure and install wide range of fire-rated plasterboards for ceilings and walls according to your specifications. Call us or enquire online now.