Steel Stud Wall

Over the years, due to its low cost yet high-performance nature, steel stud walls have now replaced traditional wood stud walls in most construction sites in Australia. The diminishing supply of quality lumber have also contributed to its rise in popularity among builders and homeowners.

Galvanised steel stud framing is a practical and lightweight structure that is suited to all internal plasterboard walls. Steel stud framing external walls are also a sensible choice for residential and commercial builds.

There are many advantages to using steel stud walls. Steel stud partition walls are perfectly straight, don’t shrink or split. Besides that, they are light and easy to store. Steel stud wall sections are also fire, insect and rot resistant. They are also easy on the pocket- steel studs wall systems are usually about 30% cheaper than wood!

With over ten years of experience, AUMW Master Plaster is a trusted installer of steel stud walls.
Our master plasterers have worked with the top brands in the industry such as Studco, Gyprock and Knauf.
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